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Fish Markets Come In All Shapes And Sizes
Many of us grew up with traditional, family owned and operated fish markets in our towns or neighborhoods. Most of these small fish markets though have gone the way of the egg man, milk man, and local butcher shop - a distant memory. Now the fish market has been supplanted by larger super market chains. But that's not all bad. Many of these larger chains have literally stepped up to the plate and sell high quality seafood products - some of it locally produced.

On the other hand, buyers still have opportunities to purchase seafood products around the Eastern Shore from small purveyors such as fish markets, road markets, farmers markets, processing plants, and along the docks. And perhaps the best buying experience may be if you buy your seafood directly from the waterman himself, at his boat, a "crab shanty" or the soft shell crab shedding operation.

Fish Markets
A handful of traditional, family run fish markets still operate in several towns along the Eastern Shore. These have the largest selection of fish and shellfish products available and are usually open year round. photo
  • Beach to Bay Seafood - Princess Anne, 12138 Carol Lane - 410-651-4505
  • The Crab Place - Crisfield - 877-328-2722
  • Tangier Sound Oyster Company - Marion - 410-245-9203
  • Country Barn Seafood - Berlin - 410-5164
  • Crabs to Go - West Ocean City, Route 589 - 410-641-9379
  • Island Seafood - Deal Island - 410-784-2140
  • Corbin Seafood - Deal Island - 410-784-2218
  • Southern Connection - Crisfield - 410-968- 3367
  • Ocean Highway Seafood - Pocomoke, 7329 Ocean Hwy. - 410- 957-1330
  • Linton's Fish Market - Crisfield - 410 - 968 -0127
  • Riverside Seafood - Salisbury, 1019 Eastern Shore Drive - 410-749-8900
  • Fat Boys Crab - 31278 Old Ocean City Rd. Salisbury 410-219-5722
  • One Fish Two Fish - Salisbury - 41-219-3474
  • Skipjacks Seafood Market - Salisbury, 1204 Old Ocean City Rd. - 410-543-1644
  • Country Barn Seafood - Ocean Pines, 10852 Cathell Rd. - 410-641-5164
  • On the Bay Seafood - Ocean City, 7329 Coastal Hwy. - 410-524-7070
Seafood Processors / Packers
photo There are several seafood processors that will sell some of their products from either an in-house fish market or out the back door. Buyers can usually get a good deal on shell-stock or processed seafood at these businesses. Just bring your own cooler and they'll supply the ice.
  • Metompkin Oyster House - Crisfield - oysters/crabs/soft crabs - 410-968-0660
  • Glenwood Evans Crabs - Crisfield, Jersey Road - 410-968-1717- live crabs
  • Handy International - Crisfield - soft crabs, crab cakes
  • Southern Connection - Ocean City - fish, shellfish
  • Martin Fish Co. - Ocean City, West Ocean City - 410-968- 3367 - fish
  • Southern Connection - Crisfield, Crisfield Highway - 410-968-3366 - fish, crabs, oysters
  • Maddox Seafood - Shelltown, Williams Point Road - 410-957-0260 - fish, crabs
  • Fresh Catch - Crisfield, 9th Street - 410-968-0449 - live crabs
  • Blue Heron Seafood - Deal Island, Long Point Rd., - 410-784-2364 - crabs, oysters
  • Island Seafood - Deal Island - 410-784-2140 - crabs, oysters, fish
  • Marshall Seafood - Marion Station, 6490 Charles Cannon rd - clams
  • Smith Island Co-op - Tylerton - crab meat - 410-968-1344
Road Side Garden Markets
There are numerous roadside "farmers" type of markets found throughout the lower Eastern Shore. Several of these now carry seafood, along with other traditional agricultural products. But limiting factors include that they are open seasonally, and there is only a limited variety of seafood available. But the choices usually include crab meat, soft crabs, occasionally hard crabs and some may sell shucked oysters as well.
  • Bennett Farms Garden Center - local crab meat; soft shell crabs
    27720 Ocean Gateway, Salisbury, MD. - 410-546-5232
  • How Sweet It Is Market - local crab meat; soft shell crab; clams; oysters
    3601 Stockyard Rd., Eden 410-543-1644
Eastern Shore Farmers Markets
These are traditional small: "open air" type of farmers' markets that are located in all three lower shore counties. Though the bulk of the products sold are agriculturally based, there are some stands that occasionally sell seafood as well. Fish and shellfish are limited and often sold "in the round", meaning whole fish or shell on clams and oysters. But they can be a fun place to purchase seafood.
  • Shore Fresh Farmers Market - Princess Anne; Manokin River Park, near Somerset St.
    For info call 410-957-4548.
  • Shore Fresh Farmers Market - Salisbury; East Market St., on the riverfront;
    For info call 410-957-4548
  • Salisbury Farmers Market - Salisbury; Asbury Church; 1401 Camden Ave.;
    For info call 410-873-2942
  • Berlin Farmers Market; Friday - Berlin, downtown lot;
    For info call 410-641-4775
  • Ocean City Farmers Market - Sun, Tues, Thurs -Phillips Lot; 142nd St. and Coastal Hwy. For info call 410-860-2607
  • Pocomoke City Farmers Market - Friday - 3 Market St. Pocomoke;
    For info call 410-957-1333
  • Snow Hill Farmers Market - Tuesday - Green St., Snow Hill;
    For info call 410-632-2080
  • Princess Anne Farmers Market - Thursday - Downtown South;
    For info call 410-548-7158
Fish Docks Open To Public
photo There are several docks and marinas throughout the Eastern Shore that harbor commercial fishing boats. Some of these boats will sell fish and shellfish directly to buyers. Below is a list of a few harbors that host commercial fishing operations:
  • West Ocean City - Commercial Fishing Harbor, Sunset Ave
  • Crisfield Harbor - Route 413
  • Deal Island - Wenona Harbor - Route 363
  • Rumbly - Rumbley Road - Route 361

Photographs by Charles Petrocci